About Us

Jola Mika
With extensive bookkeeping training, a diploma as a legal assistant, a land administration certificate, Quickbooks (1&2)
and MS Project (1&2), Jola has a well-rounded education in all aspects of office processes. Prior to starting Organize-It, she worked as a surface land administrator, real estate legal assistant, bookkeeper and customer service rep.

Magda Butkiewicz
Magda comes from a retail management background and offers experience in budgeting, scheduling, cost projections, human resources, training and special events. In addition, she has completed her Quickbooks (1&2) and MS Project (1&2) training to round out her university business studies.

People ask us: you like doing paperwork?

Yes, we actually do. It’s not for everyone but we enjoy helping people make sense out of their office systems and creating order. We like seeing our clients relaxed about their books and taking time on the weekend to do the things they love.

Give me the baby, not the labour pains.

Our clients don’t want a play-by-play of each step; they want a completed job in their hands, on time.  We take ownership of the tasks that are assigned to us and respect the time of our clients.

The circle of trust.

We sign a confidentiality agreement with each customer because your business if just that—your business. The trust given to us is taken seriously and we never share your information. We also ensure all information is secure on our server and backed-up often.

I can’t afford an assistant.

That’s why we offer custom packages. Whether you are looking for someone to keep things organized on a daily, weekly or monthly basis we have a package that will work for you. We also offer hourly services and business start-up kits. Click here for a complete list of our services and packages.

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